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Your focus should be on the success of your business. You want to grow your company, outthink your competitors, and enhance your bottom line. To do that, you need to have a great team of people working for you. 
Maniaci empowers employers to leverage employee benefits as a competitive advantage. As a leading employee benefits consulting firm, our team of professionals are eager to join you in your endeavor to be the employer of choice.
Our benefits team is experienced in a vast array of plan design and implementation, contract negotiation, and business administration. We take an in-depth look at your business and explore all the best options. 

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Medical Insurance

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Dental Insurance

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Vision Insurance

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Group Life Insurance

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Short & Long Term Disability

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Cafeteria Plans

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Long Term Care

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Retirement Plans


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Employee Assistance Program



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Pet Insurance

Experience Across Industries

"The City of Hermosa Beach has worked with Maniaci since 1990. The staff are extremely knowledgeable about the insurance industry; they keep updated on the latest trends and are a great resource when considering changes to insurance plans. The staff is very friendly and helpful and always available to answer questions or serve as advocates for employees."

Monica Bagnara

City of Hermosa Beach

"We have been working with Maniaci for several years and couldn’t be more pleased. The staff provide great customer service, from support to our employees, to continuously comparing plans and benefit options to ensure my money is being spent wisely. Maniaci’s services have saved my business thousands of dollars in selecting the best benefits at the most reasonable costs to meet my employee’s needs. They present the information in a manner in which it is easy to understand, easy to make an educated decision, and involves a minimal amount of my time so I can spend it on continuing to build my business. Their level of responsiveness and professionalism is like no other and I look forward to continuing to build a lasting relationship!"

Renée Firby

Jackson Jade Speech, Occupational & Physical Therapy

"The staff of Center for Learning Unlimited has enjoyed the support of the Maniaci team for over 15 years; it’s been an absolute pleasure. Through education and advocacy, Maniaci has helped improve our organization’s culture and we couldn’t be more grateful. Whenever a staff member needs help finding a doctor, or has a problem with a claim or whatever it may be, we loop in Maniaci to help resolve and they work their magic. The healthcare industry has become more complex over the years but it really has not impacted our team because we have an amazing resource! Administratively, the Maniaci team presents annual review options that are carefully considered. Staff sing the praises of the Maniaci staff!"

Ginny Erxleben

The Center for Learning Unlimited

"I recently moved and have been dealing with cable companies and handymen and property managers – every time I’ve had an issue, they either sent me through a dozen hoops or just flaked off ‘til I “bothered” them too many times. It’s so frustrating when what you think should only take a few minutes, ends up taking 2 days. That was not the case with Maniaci! It was a breath of fresh air to get the service I received. They set the bar high for customer service!"

Charlie Normandin


"The Maniaci team is GREAT!!! They went above and beyond the call of duty! They conducted several open enrollment meetings and even did one-on-one meetings with my employees. They helped my employees understand the insurance plans and put a lot of minds at ease. I can’t thank them enough for their service!"

Barbara Frisbee

Yoshimura R & D of America

See The
MANIACI Difference

See The MANIACI Difference

Reach out to us today to learn how we can help guide your business and employees as they navigate the world of benefits. We look forward to working with you!
Reach out to us today to learn how we can help guide your business and employees as they navigate the world of benefits. We look forward to working with you!
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