Our Methodology

Tell Us Your Story

We start by asking questions, listening and observing how your business is organized. From there, we’ll work closely with your team to make sure you know how it could be better. We’re always ready to meet the changing needs in the industry. Creative solutions from health savings accounts to compliance alerts, a complete range of programs and services positions your business for continued growth. 

Introducing The 4C's

Every piece of advice we give you is viewed first through the lens of the 4C's:

Cost Containment

Mitigate your ever-growing health care spend through proactive and creative strategy and planning.


Protect your business by staying in line with critical regulatory obligations.


Engage employees to fully understand, appreciate, and best utilize their benefits.


Structure a benefits program that supports and promotes your company identity.

How We Put The 4C's Into Action For Your Business:

Cost Containment




Hear From Our Clients

“I have been working with the Maniaci team for the past three years and couldn’t be more pleased. The staff provides great customer service, from support to our employees, to continuously comparing plans and benefit options to ensure my money is being spent wisely. Maniaci’s services have saved my business thousands of dollars in selecting the best benefits at the most reasonable costs to meet my employees’ needs. They present the information in a manner in which it is easy to understand, easy to make an educated decision, and involves a minimal amount of my time so I can spend it on continuing to build my business. Their level of responsiveness and professionalism is like no other and I look forward to continuing to build a lasting relationship!”

Renée Firby

Owner, Jackson Jade & Associates

“Maniaci is always there for us. Even over the years with our ups and downs, Maniaci never gave up on us. You can’t buy the type of service that Maniaci provides. If I moved out of the country—I would still work with Maniaci. If we needed them in the middle of the night—they would be there for us.”

Cheryl Peabody

HR Manager, Peabody Engineering

“The staff at Maniaci is always very professional and always willing to help in any situation. Our Account Manager is very prompt in responding to any request we have and is always a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend their company!”

Brenda Bridger

Human Resources, Robert V. Jensen, Inc.

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